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Is Export Growth one of your New Year Resolutions?

We enter 2021 with a fresh sense of purpose and hope that the challenges of 2020 will slowly become a distant memory. The reality is that 2021 will be a year of expectation. A year that will reinforce the changes started by the events of 2020. There will be also board and shareholder expectation that 2021 will not just be a year of recovery to pre-2020 levels but also a year of independent growth. Are you and your business prepared to deliver on these expectations?

Strategic Growth Services carried out a review for a UK company who are looking to grow their business in South East Asia. They are a smaller business than their larger competitor and struggle to match their sales budget and resources. They were interested in understanding short term project potential.

Working with our regional team, led by SGS's Principal Consultant, Andrew Goldstein and using The EIC’s DataStream project market intelligence SGS performed a Phase 1 Project Identification Analysis focussing on projects in Indonesia where there is a necessity for the UK company’s products and services. In this case these were all active projects due to start-up before the end of 2022. In total we identified 40 projects across all industry sectors. The next phase is to implement project acquisition strategies for these high priority projects utilising our local team to support the business development process.

Where are you interested in growing your business this year? As a global network of consultants in Europe, SE Asia, FSU, USA, South America, and the Middle East, SGS can help. Contact us at

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